NT005 Acts 1-28: The Day of the Gentile - Milestones

Interesting that the pinch points should be occupied by big Gentile moments, but then it's a Jewish account after all.

Page Calc Pages Milestones Quote Range MaL Range MiL Range MiH Range MaH
End page 1365.9 Hook Luke reviews the conclusion of his previous account, notably that Jesus appeared many time to the disciples and commanded them to not depart from Jerusalem until they receive the promise fromt he Father.     1367.456 1369.013
1415.7 1371.25 Inciting Incident The priests, the captain of the temple and the Sadducees arrest Peter and John for preaching the resurrection of Jesus. Annas the high priest, Caiaphas, John, Alexander and other kindred of the high priest ask by what power Peter and John have preached Jesus.  Peter replies that Jesus is the stone set at nought by the builders and there is salvation in no other. The council commands Peter and John to speak no more of Jesus. Peter and John reply that they must obey God, not the council, and can only speak the things they have seen and heard. 1369.694 1368.138 1372.806 1374.363
First page 1377.6 Plot Turn 1 Stephen recounts the story of Moses. Stephen reminds the Jews that Moses prophesied that the Lord God would raise another prophet like Moses among Israel.  1376.044 1374.488 1379.156 1380.713
1365.9 1383.95 Pinch 1 An angel appears to Cornelius the centurion and tells him to send for Peter. While praying, Peter falls into a trance and has a vision. He is told to kill and eat animals which are forbidden by the law of Moses. He is told not to call unclean what the Lord has cleansed. Peter goes to Cornelius. 1382.394 1380.838 1385.506 1387.063
Prepages 1390.3 Midpoint Paul and Barnabas tell the Jews at Cyprus that it was necessary for the word of God to be first spoken to the Jews, but because the Jews have rejected the word and judged themselves unworthy of everlasting life, Paul and Barnabas will now turn to the Gentiles. The Gentiles who hear this rejoice. The Jews stir up the devout and honorable women and the chief men of the city against Paul and Barnabas and expel them from the city. Paul and Barnabas shake off the dust of their feet and go to Iconium. The disciples are filled with joy and the Holy Ghost.  The Jews stir up the Gentiles against Paul and Barnabas to stone them. The missionaries flee. In Lystra, Paul heals a man crippled from his mother's womb. The people call Barnabas Jupiter and Paul Mercurius. The priests of Jupiter  prepare to make sacrifices to them. Barnabas and Paul rend their clothes and explain that they are men sent to teach Christ. 1388.744 1387.188 1391.856 1393.413
1364.9 1396.65 Pinch 2 Paul and Silas are sent to Berea, where many of the Jews and Gentiles believe. The Jews of Thessalonica come to Berea to stir up the people. Paul's spirit is stirred when he finds the city of Athens wholly given to idolatry. He disputes in the synagogue with the Jews. The Epicureans and Stoicks invite Paul to the Areopagus to talk about Jesus. He tells them they are too superstitious and that Jesus is their Unknown God. 1395.094 1393.538 1398.206 1399.763
Page total 1403 Plot Turn 2 The prophet Agabus prophesies that Paul will be bound in Jerusalem. Paul reports to the elders what God has wrought among the Gentiles. The elders tell Paul that his teaching the Gentiles to forsake Moses has upset the believing Jews and ask him to go to the templewith four men who have shaved their heads. The elders have written to the believing Gentiles that they need not keep the law of Moses but should avoid anything to do with idolatry. 1401.444 1399.888 1404.556 1406.113
50.8 1409.35 Resolution Paul preaches to Felix. Festus asks if Paul is willing to be judged in Jerusalem. Paul appeals to Caesar. Paul preaches to Agrippa. 1407.794 1406.238 1410.906 1412.463
  1415.7 Conclusion Paul preaches to the Jews in Rome. Some believe and some don't.  Paul remarks that the words of the Holy Ghost to Esaias were well spoken: the Jews will not receive the witness of Christ. Paul announces that salvation is sent to the Gentiles, who will hear it. Paul spends two years preaching and teaching in Rome. 1414.144 1412.588    
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