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The Magnificent Seven - Milestones

This 1960 American film is a third shorter and two thirds less subtle than its 1954 Japanese inspiration. It's a cultural thing.

I've got two milestone charts for this one, because the opening credits begin on a static scene. The first chart excludes the opening credits. The second chart includes them. The important difference lies in the First Pinch Point. The second chart has a clear one. The first chart doesn't.

DM-001: The Heart of Texas 3: Caroline's Child - Milestones

I haven't actually read this book, just milestoned it, but the milestones are clear and bright.

Hook: Grady likes Caroline but is awkward around her.

Inciting Incident: Grady may have a rival in his brother Richard.

Plot Turn 1: Grady has managed to get Caroline on a date.

Pinch 1: Grady's enthusiuasm for Caroline might make waves at home.

Midpoint: Grady and Caroline become a couple.

Pinch Point 2: Caroline can't find her daughter (Maggie), who accidentally ended up with Richard, who turns out to be a jerk.