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Mosiah 27: The Repentance of Alma the Younger - Milestones

Another classic narrative from the Book of Mormon. Again, two versions, both deversed, the first beginning at Mosiah 27:8, the second beginning at Mosiah 27:1. In the second version, the inciting incident is a little sloshy, coming six lines late, but the rest of the milestones are about spot on and make good sense.

BoM005 1 Nephi 3-4: Nephi ben Lehi and the Plates of Brass - Milestones

I offer two versions. The first is based on 1 Nephi 3-4 as copied and pasted directly from to an MS Word document. The second is the same excerpt "deversed" (verse numbers retained, but paragraph breaks between verses removed). The only differences are Pinch 2 and Plot Turn 2. Once again, narrative structure is evident.

About 4: Would-Be Classic Makes Cut but Loses Contest and Withdraws to Work on Character

Like any self-respecting author, I have my doubts. I mean, who do I think I am, presuming to put words in people's minds, words that will shape worlds, grow personalities and rend the bounds of understanding? I mean, really? And in those dark fits of doubt, I think the world might be better off without my lame graffiti. We've struggled through this long without it. The sun won't die a day sooner if I never put pen to paper again, if I never print a single piece in a prestigious rag, if my far-future space western never gets read by anybody I'm not connected to by blood or Facebook.

About 3: Child-Rearing, Body-Building Language Teacher Takes Scalpel to Hapless Narratives

Child rearing, body building, language teaching and storytelling are four things I think about a lot. No doubt some of my students wish I thought more about fashion, sports and computer games, but there's no help for it. Those three things just don't grab my fancy--except as subjects for fiction. Hmm. These days, I love to blather on about the making and telling of stories. What makes a story good? What makes a narrative work? What do successful stories have in common?

About 2: Narrative Obsession Leads to Triplets

Just under a half decade shy of three decades ago, when I was studying Russian, Hebrew, Arabic, Mandarin and Attic Greek at the University of Alberta, one of my roommates, a counselor in the bishopric of the student ward I attended, asked me to give a sacrament talk on the importance of studying languages and history. Later on the Sunday of the talk, in ward council, which I attended as ward activities chairman, the bishop, chairman of the Faculty of Education, admitted that was a pretty big topic for a ten- to fifteen-minute sermon.

About 1: Well-Developed Muse Seeks Stable and Mutually Rewarding Relationship with Craft

Oh, about a year ago, I decided it was time to get on the stick and fix all the problems with my story writing. I'd been writing fiction since kindergarten and I'd learned a lot by doing, but I felt that the time had come to learn by understanding. Late bloomer.