The Milestone Archive

MiBo-002 Mistborn: The Well of Ascension - Milestones

If I'd written this novel, I probably would have tweaked it to get milestones that more obviously connect. But you still get a good overview of the plot's progression, even if the first plot turn doesn't follow logically from the inciting incident. The attenuation is a peril of long, long narratives like this one.

THGT-001 The Hunger Games - Milestones

Conspicuously absent from this chart is the moment Prim is reaped and Katniss volunteers. That's because the book-level arc is not about saving Prim or competing in the Games. At book level, Prim's selection is setup for the world and Katniss' sacrifice is setup of the protagonist's character. At book level, being in the Games puts Katniss into direct conflict with the government she will eventually help to overthrow and gives her the motivation and leverage she needs to play her part in the struggle for freedom.

DaGu-001 Snow Falling on Cedars - Milestones

Yeah, literary fiction is heavy stuff. There are all those themes and symbols and stuff. This story uses the wrongful trial of a Japanese-American, who fought in Europe during World War II and whose people were interned shortly after Pearl Harbor, to explore ways in which people are inscrutable and removed from each other.