The Milestone Archive

OT001 Genesis 1 - Malachi 4: Wicked World - Milestones

Well, yeah, you can see a milestone pattern. You could actually borrow the milestones and write a narrative about a small set of characters developing over a short period of time. A family is set up with a rich kingdom. They are taught how to look after it and warned what will happen if they don't. The second generation messes around and intrigues. The third generation goes back to the old ways. The fourth generation messes around and intrigues. The fifth generation agonizes over the emerging pattern but sees hope. The seventh generation splits into two groups.

NT001 Matthew 1-28: The Humble Messiah - Milestones

To round out the preliminary analysis of scripture milestones, I thought I'd better start looking at the Gospels. Bless me if they don't appear to like narrative milestones, too. It's interesting that Matthew's hook is Jesus' descent through Joseph rather than Mary. But you can see the narrative unity: the descendant of kings and patriarachs has all power given to him. Also, in Plot Turn 2, Jesus suggests that he is not the Christ through descent from David.

New Testament Milestones

The first five books of the New Testament (the Gospels ofMatthew, Mark, Luke and John, and the Acts of the Apostles) are rich with narrative and so are fair game for the Milestone Archive: Scripture Milestones. I'll be analyzing at all levels: book, episode and (in the Gospels) parable.

PoGP001 Moses 1: Moses Called - Milestones

Sooner or later I would have to look at stories in the Pearl of Great Price, so I decided to start early and present a cross-section of the three story-based Standard Works. Moses 1, the first chapter of the Pearl of Great Price, comes through. The first table below contains quotes with line numbers. The second table contains summaries and notes. Notice that Pinch 1, where we expect to see an antagonistic force, refers to the fact that Satan has appeared and is attempting to lead Moses away from God.